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Winnipeg Autocross - Discipline Name Update

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Maybe you've noticed a subtle change in our communications lately: as of last week, we are officially moving forward as Winnipeg Autocross! It has felt long overdue since so many of us already refer to the discipline as "autocross". For those of you wondering why we’ve decided to make the update, here's our rationale:

  • Autocross is more synonymous with this discipline of racing and is more universally used. We'd like for us to be held on the same level, perceived to be on the same stage.
  • The SCCA uses autocross as their noun – we always mirror what they do as they are the largest body to follow in North America.
  • It's less syllables, which makes it easier to say and memorize!
  • Our other WSCC disciplines are already utilizing “cross” and “x” in their naming conventions, (Icecross / Icex, Dirtcross / Dritx). This update is the most logical and unified brand approach for our discipline within the greater WSCC. 

Thanks for reading, see y'all at the next autocross,
- Winnipeg Autocross

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While I see the need to come to a decision on the name, and I understand your reference to the SCCA, I just want to clarify a few things.

- Not even in North America every organization calls it Autocross, some use the term Autoslalom like the rest of the world.

- Autocross is indeed a different type of international racing discipline with regional, national and even a World Championship. It is practiced in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and South America, and it is 100% driven on dirt. It is the car equivalent of Moto Cross. One could make a point that your name violates FIA rules.

- As such, DirtX is probably the closest description of what we are doing on our proving grounds outside of Winnipeg, although being one car at a time, it more or less mimics a rallye special stage on dirt. 


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