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2023 Drift. Help wanted


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As we start to plan for 2023 season the biggest hurdle drift faces is a lack of volunteers. The 2 event weekends in 2022 were achieved with a Skelton crew. (Would like to thank everyone that helped run the events with me and the drivers that always stuck around to clean up the skid pad. It was deeply appreciated) that being said I am looking for somebody to help with the drift end of the race weekends. There was lots of interest for more events but without help it will be near impossible. 2023 is going to be a very tight packed schedule for me personally (wedding/work) and to try deliver some drift event’s help will be needed. I’m looking for somebody to help specifically with running the drift gate/grid at the events. Outside of that anything else would just be a bonus. If you have any question please post them or dm me. Let’s try see if we can keep the momentum and grow drifting at GMP 



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