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Guess what time it is?


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Summer racing is over, Dirtx racing just ended and its starting to snow, that means only one thing....its soon Ice Racing time!!!!

Get ready for some slipping sliding and ice drifting fun with IceX and the door to door studded racing action of Fire on Ice.

Plans on currently being finalized on the dates and events however the expectation is the 2023 season will run similar to last year with hopefully without any of that event cancelling blizzard and covid stuff we had to deal with last winter. 

The tentative dates are: (this info will be moved to "Ice Race Announcements" section once confirmed.)

  • Jan 7 - Ice HPDE and School - Beausejour CPTC
  • Jan 8 - IceX and Fire on Ice Race 1
  • Jan 21 - IceX - Winnipeg Waterski Pond
  • Jan 22 - IceX & Fire on Ice Race 2 - Winnipeg Waterski Pond
  • Feb 4 - IceX - Winnipeg Waterski Pond
  • Feb 5 - IceX & Fire on Ice Race 3 - Winnipeg Waterski Pond
  • Feb 18 - IceX - Winnipeg Beach
  • Feb 19 - IceX & Fire on Ice Race 4 - Winnipeg Beach
  • Mar 4 - IceX & Fire on Ice Race 5 - Gimli 
  • Mar 5 - IceX & Fire on Ice Race 6 - Gimli 

Please note: 

We are currently and desperately looking for both a season title sponsor and more importantly an event day snowplow contractor. If you know of someone with a snow plow that would be interested in helping clear the track between races please contact me  at  ice@wscc.mb.ca


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