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Stay tuned for new info!

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As the year draws to a successful end for the WSCC, plans are coming together for the next HPDE/ Licensing School. 

We cannot confirm the dates quite yet, but stay tuned for more information coming to this forum soon. If 2021 is an indicator, demand for our 2022 event will be high, and it will probably fill up quickly.


Check in often, and once the sign-up is open, make sure to commit early unless you want to end up on the waiting list!

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Good News coming up!

Our requested date for the HPDE / Licensing School has been granted, and I can now confirm that we will be holding this year's school on the weekend of April 30 to May 1. Please adjust your plans accordingly if you are intending to participate!


Sign-in will be opened up very soon; please keep checking in!


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The waiting is over! You can now register for the HPDE / Race School for 2022!

It will be held on April 30th to May 1st at Gimli Motorsport Park, with a mandatory Zoom session beforehand on April 27th.


Please click on the following link to register:    http://msreg.com/wscc2022hpde

You will need to register with your club membership number. If you joined the club just very recently and don't have your number yet, enter "new" into the corresponding box.

Feel free to let all your friends know about the opportunity to sign up this early to avoid being placed on a waiting list!

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