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2021 Event #4


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Laptimes are now posted to Speedhive - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1926417

Detailed reports for the TA Chase portion have been shared with Ian to calculate if gaps were opened or closed.

Thanks to Jay, who was pressed into service on Sunday morning. 

All concerns and comments will be addressed ASAP.

Stay safe and may we gather early and often next year.

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@wscc_1254Thanks for the extra effort on your part recording the lap times for the new "Time Attack Chase". Must've been a challenge keeping track of who's who. I had a hard enough time figuring out the blue flag switchover. It was quite interesting to see some of the times posted during the chase. Looks like there were some personal bests set in the group.  I guess that's what happens when two people are chasing each other around the track.

The Time Attack Chase was a lot of fun and we should give a big shoutout to Mat for coming up with this concept.

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Actually, in the early 00's we tried something called the SoloSprint Challenge which involved crude beam timing, a standing start, and a single lap of the track. Didn't work that well but I could relate to what Mat's vision was.

This is what I shared with Ian:

I treated the TA Chase portion as 2 - 2 lap races for each challenge pair. In order to calculate the starting gap I believe the formula is

Nick - Lap 1 Time of Day (Tod) minus Lap Tm = Start of lap time (SoL)

Andy -  Lap 1 Time of Day (Tod) minus Lap Tm = Start of lap time (SoL)

Andy SoL - Nick SoL = Start Gap

End Gap is easier

Andy lap 2 ToD minus Nick lap 2 ToD = End Gap


Start Gap - End Gap = Race Gap

Rinse and repeat for Chase #1 -B for overall challenge gap calculation A Race Gap - B Race Gap 

That is my theory.

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