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Two way radios

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Just an FYI, some people missed a yellow flag radio call from station 2 last weekend. Thankfully, Jen heard it at Race Control, although it was very quiet. (Trust me; I was talking quite loud.) Thankfully, it was just a car off the outside of turn three. He managed to thread his way in between the tire barriers on the outside of three and rejoin safely.

I tested out the radio with an alternate radio and found the speaker microphone was at fault. I tested out a couple more speaker mics, and found another one that was completely dead.

They live a hard life and don't last forever. With Scottie's permission, I brought them back to the city to see if they could be revived, and they can't be. I ordered two more high-quality speaker mics from Amazon, and they should be here this week. I will donate the new ones to the club, and strip the spring clips off the back of the bad ones for spare parts.

If any volunteers notice any other problems with the two-way radios or speaker mics, please let Dave Brown know. The Wouxun radios and speaker mics that the club uses are good quality, and will last years, but sometimes antennas get broken or accessory speaker mics short out after a few years of rain or ice racing.

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