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  1. Correction of my correction. If you register for Sat and Sun you get 50% off Sunday's rate. If you only register for Sunday the rate is discounted by 25%.
  2. CORRECTION Track Days are Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 8 & 9 Saturday Schedule is the same as usually for Fridays. Get there by !0. Orientation for newcomers at 11. Track goes hot at noon until about 7pm. Lunch break for volunteers at about 3. Sunday 9 to 4. If you come for Saturday you get 25% off Sunday's registration.
  3. Scott's coming. I'll whip into town and grab whatever we're short of
  4. If you check the Calendar section of this website you'll find our confirmed schedule for the summer at Gimli Motorsport Park. As usual we will have sanctioned door-to-door racing on 5 weekends this summer. This year racers share the track time as usual with the Time Attack cars. Scroll down in the calendar until you find the section you are interested in The added feature this summer will be a grid of Track Day cars. These are the cars we are used to seeing lapping on the Friday of our 5 race weekends. The Fridays will still be Track Days and will be the only days newcomers in street cars can get oriented to the track and turn their yellow wristband into a green one. The green wrist band is needed to participate in the Track Day section on race days (Saturday and Sunday). It signifies that we have seen enough of your Friday Lapping to feel safe about letting you run with the more experienced drivers. Register early if you can as Track Day and Time Attack grids will fill up quickly since they are limited to provide optimum track time.. Our plans for extending our repaving have so far fallen through with the disinterest shown by the Municipality. In lieu of this we are incentivizing our fee schedule because we want to see as many entrants as possible. I've identified 18 possible race car entries although a number are out of province and not all will make all 5 events. Scott McDonald, Road Race Director
  5. Condolences Jay. Disregard my email. Take care and get better. Scott
  6. I will see you there too. Can all our volunteers jump on this email and let us know you're coming and which days. It will help me and Dason puzzle out who goes where as this is always a bit more complex track as there's lots of ice. There's room for newcomers too! Workers meeting at 10:30 on the ice. Scott
  7. Its attached right here, finally. There'll be an announcement when MSR is ready for registration. Price is unchanged. Scott McDonald, Road Race Director 2022 WSCC Road Race Schedule.docx
  8. I've attached our schedule for racing at GMP for this summer. I apologize for it taking so long. I heard hotel accommodation was in short supply. Each weekend will include the Friday track Day of lapping for club members plus Saturday and Sunday racing and Time Attack. There is some possibility of some drift activity as well. Scott McDonald, Road Race Director 2022 WSCC Road Race Schedule.docx
  9. Bless you Dave. I knew when you first introduced yourself to me it was going to be good to know you. We'll have to check over the rest of our speaker mikes and see what we have left. See you next weekend.
  10. Looks excellent Mike. As long as they don't line up in the same groove within the footprint. Might want to measure the footprint lengthwise of a loaded tire on a car just to make sure but I think having all the lines pretty well eliminates that possibility. I gather your 2.3 inch spacing gives you the nine per foot you were after. Maybe before you drill lay out a 69 inch strip and try it with a foot long ruler to make sure there's no place it will exceed the spec. Scott
  11. Count me in for tire building. Just let me know where and when. Scott
  12. Nice going! I sort of guessed you might be blessed. That will be a remarkable kid. Can't wait to meet her/him.
  13. Bob Zimmerman is a friend of mine who has been active with WSCC for quite a bit longer than I have. Some of you will have seen some of his vehicles at the track on lapping days. Zim has been a helping hand to many of us over the years. He's a fabricating genius. His aluminum bodied hand built Lotus 8 has been popular on lapping days in years past.. It is powered by a bored out aluminum Rover V8. Bob has leant a hand to many of us over the years with our competition cars and never managed to charge us very much, if anything. Zim would never ask any of us for help but I think he will make good use of whatever we can put into this fund so he can re-tool to some extent and continue creating his remarkable vehicles. It might be fun if any of you who have pictures of any of Zim's amazing vehicles were to share them on this forum. Scott
  14. As usual we are looking for volunteer workers for our final weekend of the year coming up at the end of this week. Corner workers are a particular priority of mine as Chief Marshal. If you like being close to on track activities, this is for you. In particular I am looking for people to staff our 4 corner stations. At this the last event of the year we encourage all Time Attackers and Racers to bring a gift for our volunteers. At the end of the day on Saturday we'll have a draw type auction where you workers get to choose your gift from the Swag Table. If there is some left it will be distributed in a similar auction at the end of the day on Sunday. If you are doing this for the first time we meet outside the concession building at 8:45 Saturday and Sunday morning and you'll get your work assignment then. On the job training for newcomers will be organized then so make sure you identify yourself to me when you get there. Scott McDonald, Chief Marshal
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