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RM of St. Andrews Notice - MPR Raceway

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Unfortunately I believe if St Andrews Airport doesn’t speak up to the the RM to back us and the other users of the decommissioned runway (outside of MPR), the outcome likely won’t be in our favour at this point. 
I truly hope that the council in the RM that will be responsible for the land use/zoning bylaws will respect that we’ve been there for a decade without so much as a complaint, and have invested money in the site. 

The issue with MPR and dragsters is the peak sound levels in the burnout box and at full throttle.  
Top fuel dragsters can reach 150db, and the cars actively racing have no sound regulations and likely hit 140, louder then a 747 (120-130db) at take off which none of the small prop planes active at St Andrews are near.  Scca solo is capped at I believe 97db at 50’ and we can easily enforce even lower sound level restrictions without major repercussion to our active racers as a large number of our competitors are stock or mild class racers.  
I’m sure if given the choice mark and other mod drivers would accept having to install a slip muffler over autoslalom losing the venue

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Well said. I guess your first sentence would indicate that maybe the club will have to bump-start this "speaking up to the RM" , ensuring that the Airport Authority is actually cognizant how long Slalom has been running there, and that there never was any complains. Likewise, the RM should maybe get a statement from the club, pointing out the differences in noise levels and the fact that those two types of motorsport should evaluated and considered separately.

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