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Career opportunity - Parts and Service Coordinator @ NOTT Autocorp

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If you're a WSCC member, you're probably an enthusiast who knows auto parts. And that's exactly what I'm looking for.

We have a 5-bay auto service shop at Nott and we are exploring the possibility of adding a Full Time Parts and Service Coordinator to assist our Service Manager in quoting/estimating work orders, ordering and managing parts inventory, and sourcing/selling aftermarket parts.

- Know what these words mean: Ball joint, end link, strut mount, wheel bearing, axle seal, coil pack, flange, bolt pattern.
- Understand and embody these words: Dependable, honest, team player, strong work ethic.
- Basic computer software aptitude.
- Be scrappy and resourceful for our customers! When the tech says we should try replacing a $1000 part from the dealer, scour the web to find a cheaper source or fix the problem another way.

Bonus skills:
- Professional service/parts experience
- Internet search ninja, especially for auto parts and repair info
- Intermediate/Advanced software proficiency
- Experience or interest in social media (creating, not just consuming)
- Customer service

Compensation will be based on experience and skill set. Entry level pay for an entry level (but fast-learning/coachable) coordinator, professional level pay for a pro parts/service associate. Bonus for performance.

Email me: jeff@nottautocorp.com

Referrals welcome. Send your friends, kids, former employees, etc. Anyone you think might like the job.

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