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  1. Really well done. And very interesting to read the history of the club
  2. Hi Where can I see my membership number? I registered couple month ago Egor S is my name
  3. Thank you for the information, but I am confused why would M37 be in SS class. I am looking at the list and its all supercars in there like McLaren, Porsche 911 and similar. This is a heavy sedan that doesn't handle particularly well. Is it because its not in any lists it goes to the fastest class?
  4. Hello I went for my first 2 events this year. Had so much fun but I am realizing there is a lot to learn. I've been reading up on the classes and rules but wanted to get some wisdom from @Magner and other guys For the first event in August I took my car 2011 Infiniti M37x. Its bone stock base model with 18" aftermarket rims (factory sized), tires are all season Goodyear Eagle sport 245/45R18 (also factory sized). Obviously my car was not really made for this so its not in the lists that I have seen. Closest one I could find is G37, which it shares most of the drivetrain with (even though G37 is probably better handling, lighter and faster one). Is it correct to place my car in FS class? This Sunday I went with my brother and we took his 2009 VW Rabbit base model with the 2.5 engine. He's got couple of mods done to it. Ones affecting performance would be Magnaflow catback exhaust, eibach lowering springs (1" I believe) and some cheap Xarrow Farroad tires with 180 rating. Would his car be in STH or STS class? Thank you
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