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  1. Zach Halvarson, 7089, Renewing 88 Thanks Helix!
  2. Zach Halvarson Member # 7089 Claiming #88 if possible Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone for the advice! I'll be out on the 8th or 9th, just haven't picked one or if I'll do both. I'll definitely take any suggestions or advice on how to get better, it took about 24 hours after the event to wipe the grin off my face I'll come find you next event I'm racing!
  4. Yesterday was my first event ever, I drove the red #88 Civic hatch and had a blast. During the event I struggled but sticking around for fun runs was a great idea as I strung together three clean consistent runs and gained a ton of confidence. Overall on the day I learned a ton and can't wait to be racing again.
  5. Zach Halvarson, WSCC number 7089, I'd like 88 reserved.
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