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175/70r13 studded Goodyear Nordic


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Got an old crapbox civic? Want to do some IceX with it but don’t have any decent tires? Well then, come take these off my hands! Set of 4 Goodyear Nordic studded 175/70r13 on steel 4x100 rims. Tires are like new, but have been stored in my shop for longer than I care to remember. I try selling them every winter, but never have any takers. I refuse to store them any longer!

So….if anyone can put these to good use, (hopefully at the next event?) you can have them FOR FREE! If you don’t have a car they’ll fit (but you just like free tires) then please let the next guy who CAN use them speak up. Pick up in Steinbach. EB70DD7E-0074-4B03-AC94-D3036D8064BB.thumb.jpeg.26aead369b644b1fbbcb7407e39a7aad.jpeg3402CC35-B902-49BE-9963-041859BDC80F.thumb.jpeg.b3d8c6b97cc9b9a9a0f0c5dccb6360cd.jpeg

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