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Found 1 result

  1. Updated April 2023 Autocross car classes are based on the SCCA Solo program. (A copy of the most recent 2020 SCCA SOLO NATIONAL RULES can be found here: https://www.scca.com/downloads/66191-2023-solo-rule-bookv1/download Visit the SCCA Autocross section for any additional info: https://www.scca.com/pages/solo-cars-and-rules Here is a quick Breakdown of the all the SCCA car classes and what category they fall under, I have also included the pages where the requirements are explained and which cars are eligible for which class. SCCA Car Categories and Classes Street (Starts on p.73 of the 2023 rule book) SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS Solo Spec Class Additional info at ( starts on p.173 of the 2023 rule book) SSC Street Touring (ST) (Starts on p.85 of the 2023 rule book) SST, STU, STR, STX, STS, STH, Street Prepared (SP) (Starts on p.98 of the 2023 rule book) SSP, CSP, DSP, ESP, FSP Street Modified (SM) (Starts on p.119 of the 2023 rule book) SM, SSM, SMF Prepared (P) (Starts on p.125 of the 2023 rule book) XP, CP, DP, FP, EP, Modifed (M) : (Starts on p.149 of the 2023 rule book) AM, BM, CM, DM, EM, FM, FSAE Classic American Muscle (CAM): Additional info at https://www.scca.com/downloads/65394-2023-cam-and-xtreme-rules-draft-includes-cam-xs-ev-v12/download CAM-C, CAM-T, CAM-S Extreme Street (XS): Additional info at: https://www.scca.com/downloads/65394-2023-cam-and-xtreme-rules-draft-includes-cam-xs-ev-v12/download XS-A, XS-B. XS-S How Car Classes are Divided into Groups for the WSCC 1. Street Only the following classes are eligible for competition under this group: SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS. 2. SCCA Mixed This grouping is used for all competitors with cars classed under Street Touring: STU, STR, STX, STS, STH This group also includes any cars with R-compound tires or tires with a tread rating of 200TW and bellow. All racing tire or tires below 200tw will have the "R" prefix added. Example: "SMF" becomes "SMF-R". 3. Modified on Street Tire To compete in this group you must have a car that falls under Street prepared (SP), Street Modified (SM) Prepared (P) or Modified (M) categories but your tires must be street tires with a tread rating of 200 or more. This group caters to competitors with highly modified cars using street tires. The prefix "S" is added to each car class using street tires, example "BSP" becomes "BSP-S" 4. Novice Driver that have competed in less than 8 events prior to the start of the 2023 season are eligible to complete in the Novice class. Competitors must class their cars based on the classing guide listed above. All SCCA classes are eligible for this group. CAR CLASSING LOOKUP: Cars allocated to their respective classes with the Appendix A section of the rule book. (page 179 in the 2023 rule book) *hint "control F" will bring up the search function in PDF, use it 2023 PAX factors for each class: http://solotime.info/pax/index.html If you are still unsure how to class your car please use AM (A-Modified) or please post below if you need help. 2023 season update completed.
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