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Konig Backbone wheels 4x100, 205/50/R16


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Needing some wheels and tires for the summer season? Well I’ve got some!

For all four plus the two extra wheels $1525, for just the four $1450, and just the two unopened wheels $200 ($100 for one) They are Konig Backbone wheels wrapped in Nitto NeoGen tires. The wheels are ceramic coated with a 5 year coating and the tires have about 5000kms on them.

I had just put them on my car last fall, but I no longer have the car so they are only 8 months old, and only 2 and half months on the car. I also have two extra Konig backbone wheels that are unopened. The wheels were on a 2005 Civic.

Wheel specs are: - 16x7 - 4x100 - ET40 - C73.1

Tires specs are - 205/50/R16 - 91V - 280AAA

Can send more pics if needed



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