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That’s a wrap!


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So ends the most peculiar season of WSCC racing since 1952. Despite these unusual challenges this series remained profitable and incredibly successful. 

4 Road Race / Time Attack Events & 6 track days that saw near record numbers of first time registrants at Gimli Motorsports Park.

Thank you to our devoted team of track workers, and officials that facilitate this unique opportunity that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

To the 8 sponsors who boosted our season and provided us some working capital to make our events more exciting, donate to the resurfacing of our beloved home track, contributed to our ongoing leasehold improvements & provided our competitors and staff accommodations.

Autumnwood Hotel
CGS Sales & Leasing
Great Rides
Di-Tech Restoration
Birds Hill Hydro Excavating
Khinda Team Realty
Platinum Auto Sales
Armatas Painting and Decorating  

To the racers who attend our events, bring new faces to the track, take ride alongs, and promote our brand on social media and in real life...THANK YOU.

The WSCC is a group of 300 people who share a passion for Motorsport. As was demonstrated this weekend at GMP sportsmanship above all else. These relationships and memories will last a lifetime.

2021 is right around the corner. So begins the next stages of the GMP re-surfacing project and overall revival of the facility. The vibe is strong. The membership has bought in. The collective engagement to move forward is undeniable. Here’s to a prosperous 2021.



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I want to offer personal thanks to a couple of people in particular who taught me so much about corner marshalling: Scottie who was a wealth of knowledge; Stu who knows more about marshalling than anyone I know; Al who partnered with me the very first weekend on Station One (and shared many memories from when I crewed for his dad in the 1980s); and Dason who's enthusiasm and love for the sport was contagious. I also have to mention Jen and Matt who were ever patient and understanding that I haven't flagged since the 1980s, and some of my radio calls to Control may have been a bit late or sometimes just plain wrong. (Apparently, you don't say "Station two, go for launch," instead of "Clear, staffed and ready," although in my defense, it was the last call in the last race of the year and I was having fun.)

I may also have confused my corner number and my station number at least once last weekend, if not more. But at least when it really counted because of a rollover right in front of me, I got the waving yellow out immediately; and I got the station number, car number, AND corner number correct in the radio call that followed.

Funniest line of the weekend was from the driver of the Mini who rolled over on the inside of three and landed back on his wheels. His eyes were big as saucers and he was still clutching the steering wheel when my wife ran up to him to ask if he was all right. He looked at her and said, "Am I upside down or right side up?" When she told him he was right side up, he said, "Then I'm okay."

In all seriousness, I was HUGELY impressed by the professionalism of all the workers, crews and drivers, and the friendliness of the entire community.

I have been worried that when I retire from the film industry, I am going to miss the all the fast pace; the action; and most especially the culture of safety and professionalism inherent in what I do. But it looks like I have found a new home and hopefully I will be back at my favorite corner for next year.

Corner three. Station TWO.

I promise to get it right next year!

Dave Brown

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