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V8 AE101 Corolla - "The Cookie Monster"

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Any updates?


I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of your laser level...the project Binky one. Got a name or link?

EDIT: Went back and watched an episode, found it! :) How do you like it? I'm debating between it, and the smaller one....sorry for the threadjack...

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Digipas - Amazon was the cheapest. If you want to see/try it before spending the money your welcome to. It's plastic on an aluminum base with magnets. No backlight on the display on the 200.

There's the one accurate to 0.1 of a degree, and the one accurate to 0.05, I'd get the higher degree one as I realize now with a jig, I can use it for alignments to dial in camber as well.

Canadian tire has one too (mastercrap) may be able to score it cheaper. It just doesn't beep as I remember and I wanted the novelty.

As for updates, as soon as the spyder is put away, I'm going to start at it full speed.

I ordered the parts for the trans controller, and I have been in contact with Spitronics on getting a ecu.

It's just waiting for me to start working on it again.

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So a long overdue update.


I have not forgot about this project, i've just been working out the maths in my head, been travelling for work and busy with house reno's.

Lots of sketching and assessing where components will need to be and how things need to be laid out.

I purchased the Spitronics Mercury 2 ecu, with the pack for the 1uz, and had it shipped from South Africa before the dollar hit the current low. It was my xmas gift to myself and the project. They have done lots of 1uz tuning and are popular down under.

A link for those curious: http://www.spitronics.co.za/


The rear end is now in my garage, and after taking measurements, I will need to cut less then initally expected. With the 17x9's on the rear end, each side will stick out about 3/4 to 1 inch, which i intend to stretch the rear 1/4s out to cover by cutting the inner well, pulling it out, and welding a filler in the gap.


I have begun cutting plates and have last night made up the rear mounts for the front subframe, which now I can start cutting tubing and weld to. The goal is to have a skeleton of a subframe completed this weekend, with engine mounts being built after to fit the frame.

I need to get some flanges lazer cut for the control arms to attach to, and then for the rack to clear.


I hope to get some pictures together and show progress some point next week.

The pressure is on, as im seriously contemplating selling the MR2 after spring nationals to focus on this project, and would like to be looking at this sitting on 4 wheels by that time.

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Just an update to put closure to this thread.

Life took different turns and the amount of money and time still required to make the corolla into what my vision would have taken a long time and cash totals into 5 digits. I came to a fork in the road and had to decide what to do. The car was going to end up heavier then my intended 2400 lbs (would have ended up about 2600lbs which is the same as a loaded e30 3 series) At that point buying a car that will be road legal without question makes more sense.

The shell has been recycled and the parts accumulated have been sold off. The only thing I couldn’t bear to part with was the FD Rx7 R1 Power frame. Perhaps one day I can build a Lotus 7 using it with bigger power dreams.

I have bought a 02 MR2 project that has sat for 10 years with gearbox issues that I can drive with less work and can do one of the swap options (K, 2ZZ, 2AR, 2GR) at some point easily.






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