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Car Classing Guide + Help Thread

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Good evening,

Japanese Purchase BMW Z3 2.2


All options available in NA, except motor, has 2.2L, NA had the larger 2.5.

Added front strut bar.

Squared the wheels and tires:

factory front 7.5" 225-45-17, rear 8.5" 245-40-17

Now 8.5" 245-40-17 front and back.

Replacing the soft top as a project, driving with factory removable hardtop.Z3 build.pdf

I've attached the build, the only anomaly is that car has a manual and not an automatic, that is confirmed as factory from other services.





Z3 build.pdf

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The correct class would be SSM-S if the tires are 200TW or higher. Locally we allow imported cars not originally sold in North America to run in Street Modified. Other clubs would be E-Modified. 

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