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14 hours ago, Magner said:

All the mods except the cat converter appear to be legal for ST. As stated above if your catalytic converter is located mote then 6" further along the exhaust than stock it will not be legal for ST. If the cat is within 6" it's legal for STH. 

Those tires are also not legal for use in ST. The minimum tire in street and ST is 200 UTQG. If you use these tires the car would be classed is ASP-R under the mixed group. The ASP-S class is grouped under the modified group and is meant to allow ASP cars to run on 200 UTQG tires. 


I see a Legacy 2.5 GT is listed under ESP. I assume this is the NA version, since your car is the turbo version it would fall under ASP. 

Thanks Magner! 

I checked the cats and my current pipe has the same position as one of the old ones (original pipe had two). So as long as I run 200+ UTQG I'll stay in STH. 

Just noticed the lists of makes/models in the pdf, somehow I've been missing that this whole time. I checked and the Legacy 2.5 GT listed under ESP is 2005-12 so it is the turbo model since all GTs in that generation were turbocharged. So if I go with tire rated below 200 UTQG I'll be ESP and run with the modified group. 

Thankfully I think I'm finishing up with mods on this car so shouldn't need to worry about this anymore. At least until the new project starts looking ready to hit autocross haha. 

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Yeah. I'd probably let it go for $7000 if I do end up selling it. 

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Hi Chris,

I'm getting ready to sell the R32 and move into a more all-around more useful car this year. I am looking at a Mercedes B250 or pre-2016 BMW X1. Both these cars are just at or over the 1:1 height to track ratio, but with proper selection of tires and 6 mm wheel spacers, they will meet the tallness requirement for stock class. First question is how do I prove that for you?

Second question is the classing of these two cars, as neither are listed in the SCCA Solo Rules. The Mercedes is to be expected, since it was never sold in the US, but the BMW surprises me as it fundamentally a tall wagon. Regardless, from my read, they would both be in DS, as the Mercedes shares its platform with the CLA and GLA, which are listed, and the BMW has the running gear and engine of the 328i, which also is listed. So, second question is: Am I correct in my classing interpretation?



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