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Last call for the Licensing School

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We still have a few spots left at our Race and Licensing School, but we need to cut off registration soon!

If you are still sitting on the fence, and you are not sure whether you should take the school, this one is the one to take! The weather is almost guaranteed to be great, and a somewhat smaller group will give you more time with your instructors, and even more opportunity to learns and get familiar with your car.

You are pretty sure that you will never race, and therefore you won't need a license? Most of us who are regularly on track said such a statement at one time. Reality is that this school is not all about a license, but about learning how to control your car at speeds well beyond of those attainable on the street. Once you have become confident in your skills, any unforeseen emergency at road speeds is handled with aplomb; therefore, the skills obtained at the track directly transfer into your everyday driving on the road.

Furthermore, taking the school allows you to decide whether or not you should be applying for a race or a Time Attack License - it keeps your options open should you decide to compete eventually.

Lastly, taking the school will give you green wristband status immediately when coming for a hotlapping day. Register, show up and immediately hit the track instead of having to go through the mini-school and being restricted for a while.

Click on:     2024 WSCC/SFR Competition License School (motorsportreg.com) and sign up for April 27th and 28th!




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