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2024 Friday Hot laps?

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Are Friday track days still a thing prior to Race weekends? If so, is a schedule forthcoming? (if a schedule exists and I have not found it, my apologies)


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Yes, there will be Track Days, also named HPDE. 

They will show up very soon on the calendar - expect them to be on the Friday of every race weekend.


We also have started last year to allow a limited number of HPDE drivers on Saturday and Sunday, interlaced between Time Attack and Road Racing. That arrangement was exceptionally well received, and we are planning on doing this again in 2024. We will keep everybody posted!

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What’s the rules with convertibles?   Half the posts Ive found say any car as long as it’s wider than it is tall, but older posts say it needs factory rollover protection.   Can anyone confirm?   Car in question is a 2001 mr2 Spyder.  Thanks!  

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