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The 2024 Fire on Ice Race & Drift Season recap & thoughts

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A big thank you to all that helped make our 2024 Fire on Ice Race & Drift season a success. Mother Nature definitely did not treat us kind and threw everything at us from a -44 wind chill day (Lake Shirley) to plus temperatures with no snow (Lake Shirley a month later) and then finally capped it off with a 70km/h blizzard (Gimli). Despite only being able to host 4 drift days and 3 race days everyone managed to still hit the ice with all the passion and spirit that only true Manitoba winter motorsport enthusiasts have. With a record number of 36 entries at our final event day along with 43 people attending our Volunteer Appreciation Banquet I look back at the season with nothing but admiration for all those who participated and supported our club and ice race/drift season.

The Ice Drift group continues to grow in popularity and is proving to be a huge fan favorite with their display of ice drifting and driving skills. We seem to be building a solid core group of dedicated club members that are returning to every event every time. I love it.

The inaugural season for the newly created Street Safe Class proved very successful with 5 new racers and several returning racers and we are confident that this series will continue to grow going forward as one of the cheapest and easiest to enter door to door racing competitive motorsport that can be found anywhere. 

The Studded Race Class continues to provide the high adrenalin ice racing action that everyone enjoys and despite mechanical issues plaguing some cars, as usual the racing was close and the championship was decided on the last race of the season. 

As always, the biggest thanks has to go out to our fabulous group of volunteers. Without them none of these events would be possible! 

Hope to see everyone out again for the 2025 Fire on Ice Race & Drift extravaganza!

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