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Speedworld is getting full motion SIMS!!


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We recently traveled to another city to check out a new barrier system and while there, checked out some full motion Sims. We were wildly impressed and after a few months of research, we just bought 4 rigs. Our rigs have 3 Samsung 32" curved gaming monitors, Heusinkveld pedals, Heusinkveld handbrake, VNM shifter, Simucube wheel (F1 wheel and round wheel) and D-Box Haptic system (actuators) and Sparco seat. I'll post pictures when they are all set up but here's a pic of the one we test drove on our visit. Our rigs will have a GT seating position. 2 of them are full motion and 2 are stationary because we think some people will not want to pay for the full motion. If we're wrong, we can add the actuators to the two stationary rigs. The rigs can be linked to each other or run independantly. iRacing and Assetto Corsa will both be available. They should be up and running mid-April



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Need more part- or full-time staff to be "instructors?"

I may not know much about karting and I am past the days - if I ever WAS there - that I could lift and muscle a full-grown kart around ... but in my favor, I do have the WSCC trophy for Track Worker of the Year, and Samuel L. Jackson once called me (affectionately) a "mean mo- fu." How many other people get to say THAT!


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Update: The parts are going to start arriving this week and the crew from Advanced Sim Racing will arrive on the 22nd and by the 26th they should be all up and running HOWEVER the rooms they are going in will not be ready for them until 2nd week of May so we can't start renting them out until the rooms are ready.

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