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Another Team Win!!

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No, I’m not talking about the Jets. It was our Club that scored another successful ice race weekend and, yep, it was all because of teamwork.

Can’t say enough about the effort put in by our ice race event organizers and all the planning that has to be done. Kudos to Mike, Steve, Tim and others for making these events happen. Thanks also to Dason and Al for making these events fun for the volunteers.

I never realized there was so much behind the scenes work that has to happen before we can come out and have fun. I had the opportunity to work alongside some of these awesome people this weekend at Beausejour and help set up and teardown the course. There is so-o-o much to be done and that’s where the teamwork comes in.

Also wanted to give a shoutout to the Schellekens (and Tow Mater), who don’t normally get recognized for their hard work all weekend. You might think they just sit in heated truck all day, but no, there’s much more that goes on before and after the event. And, talk about doing the heavy lifting, guess who was dragging and setting up the heavy strings of chicane tires and heaving hay bales? No, not Wayne; it was Nicole! So much for child labour laws (ha-ha just kidding). Nicole, you’re definitely getting my vote for the hardest working person award.


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