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Ice School & Ice Race License info


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We will be offering a Rookie Orientation and Ice Race Licensing School every Saturday morning for each of our Ice Race Weekend events (except for the final double header race weekend on March 2nd & 3rd in Gimli). All the schedule details/info can be found on this forum under Ice Race Announcements in the pinned post "2024 WSCC Ice Racing Schedule"

This school is mandatory for any newcomers and/or those people looking at obtaining a WCMA Ice Race License which is required for the Street Safe or Studded class of racing (which also must be applied for separately - see link in next post).

For the Ice Drifting Class a race license is not required however the Rookie Orientation/Race Licensing School is still mandatory for all newcomers that want to participate on either Saturday afternoon or Sunday. 

The Rookie Orientation/Race Licensing School will be from 10am till Noon on the Saturday of an event weekend and will focus on the basics of track rules and etiquette (all the flags and procedures utilized by corner marshals and how the event runs and safety requirements). Our experienced ice race instructors will inspect your vehicle and answer any questions you may have as well as provide in-car coaching during the morning practice/training sessions on the ice track. Having an instructor drive your vehicle with you in the passenger seat is also an option available for anyone who chooses it. The driving skill component of the course will focus on winter driving and ice race techniques as well as car setup tips. 

Whether you want to go door-to-door racing in one of our competitive ice race classes, join the exciting ice drifting group or you just want to come out and practice your ice driving skills in a safe environment...it is as easy as signing up for our Saturday morning Rookie Orientation & Ice Race Licensing School.

The cost of the school is only $40 and once registered a brief information package will be provided. A daily club membership ($15) is also required in order to participate (annual club membership also available if preferred)

How to Register:

  • All our event registrations are done through our online partner MSR (Motorsport Reg). https://www.motorsportreg.com/
  • You will need to create an account with MSR in order to register (free)
  • Each event weekend with have its own registration. Links directly to each of our MSR event registrations will be posted on this forum (under Ice Race Announcements) as the event becomes finalized - typically a couple weeks before the planned weekend. (or they can be searched through the MSR website)
  • Within the MSR event registration select the option required for your club membership, select the "Ice School & Race Licensing" as well as any other options you would also like to participate in (Saturday afternoon track session and/or Sunday session). 
  • All you need is a Helmet (minimum 2010 Snell motorcycle) or select the option for a helmet rental
  • Show up with a good set of winter tires and be ready for some fun!

If you want a WCMA Ice Race License (required for racing in the Street Safe Class and Studded Class)

  • If you are just renewing your ice license, the school is not required. Just renew your license on MSR (link will be posted once registration is open by WCMA and it becomes available) 
  • If you applying for the first time - you will need to apply for the license on MSR (link will be posted once registration is open by WCMA and it becomes available) ideally prior to the licensing school. This includes submitting a photo, a medical self-declaration form and an annual waiver (all this info and documents are provided on the MSR registration page). The cost is currently $45 for this license. Upon successful completion of the Licensing School we will notify WCMA on Saturday night that you qualify for your Ice Race license and you will be eligible to race on Sunday. This license will be granted as a "novice license" until such time as the status is upgraded as deemed by the race stewards following several successful race events without incident


If you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask by sending us an email ice@wscc.mb.ca








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The WCMA Basic Ice Race License is now posted on MSR for both renewal and new applications. 


If you are renewing your Basic Ice Race license please do so soon - don't wait until last minute as there is a $35 extra charge if the renewal is applied for within a week of the required event.


Ensure you have first purchased the 2024 WSCC Club membership!


If you are applying for the Basic Ice Race License for the first time, the license approval will be held until successful completion of one of the Saturday morning Licensing Schools. Following successful completion of the school we will authorize WCMA to approve your license application so you can race the next day.


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