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2024 Ice Race Rules/Regulations


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Attached is the 2024 WSCC Ice Race Rules and Regulations document which details all the requirements for car preparation, safety equipment requirements as well as other important event and competition related information for the Ice Drifting and Ice Racing for our 2024 WSCC Ice Race Season.

To help promote the new Street Safe Class, attached is also a simple car preparation checklist for this new class to help make it easier to understand how simple it is to get involved in this exciting new ice racing class.

In order to download the attachments you need to be a forum member. Another option is to go to our club Ice Racing website and view or download the attachments from there. https://www.wscc.mb.ca/ice-racing/

As always, if you have any questions contact us at ice@wscc.mb.ca


WSCC 2024 Ice Race Regulations - v6.pdf SS Class Checklist v2.pdf

Edited by Mike
updated following WCMA approval
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