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New for 2024 Ice Racing - Street Safe Class!


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We are extremely excited to announce our plans for a new class of ice racing as part of our Fire on Ice Championship Series. The new Street Safe Class of ice racing is expected to be both exciting and competitive. The key aspect of this new race class is that the car’s preparation requirements are minimal and the only modifications that are typically required for most cars are the installation of a rear facing fog light and marking your car number on each door.  While the installation of a safety cage in the car is recommended it is not required. We encourage people to keep their cars as stock as possible. The goal of this new class is to develop a class of competitive ice racing that is fun and exciting while also being both safe and very affordable. Find a cheap car, register and join the grid of cars sliding together into turn one!

All the details and information regarding the car requirements are detailed within the “2024 WSCC Ice Race Regulations” document that can be found in a separate pinned post on this forum or linked to our WSCC Ice Racing homepage found here:https://www.wscc.mb.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/WSCC2024IceRaceRegulationsV6.pdf

The tires allowed for the Street Safe Class will be standard winter tires without studs. Any commercially available DOT rated winter tire will work. “RTI” (Rubber to Ice) racing has always been an exciting class of ice racing that involves more finesse and control and is often considered harder to master than the studded tire racing. One of the other key aspects of racing on ice with non-studded tires is that it equalizes the horsepower component of the cars. Low horsepower cars have just as much performance opportunity than higher horsepower cars as the speed comes with controlling the tire spin and the lack of grip. This type of racing is perfect for a small cheap high mileage car regardless of the engine size.  

Top speeds in this class will be kept under 80 km/h utilizing track design aspects different from the Studded tire class.  Typically this will involve the utilization of additional chicanes temporarily installed within the track straightaway that is utilized for the Studded class of cars.

WCMA ice race license is required to race in the Street Safe class and we will be providing an opportunity for newcomers to get this license on the Saturday prior to the Sunday race day. See the additional post on this forum for licensing info: https://forums.wscc.mb.ca/index.php?/topic/12713-ice-school-ice-race-license-info/

There is no easier way to join or cheaper form of door to door racing in motorsport than our Fire on Ice - Street Safe Class!

Find a cheap car and come join us!

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To help make understanding how easy it is to prepare a car and join the Street Safe class we have made a simple checklist to accompany the thicker rulebook. Check it out! (this is also downloadable from our club Ice Racing Homepage if you don't have a forum account to open attachments) https://www.wscc.mb.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/SSClassChecklistV2.pdf

Key updates:

  • Snell 2010 helmets will still be allowed until end of 2025 (minimum "M" rating)
  • If your car is caged (not required) an older 5pt harness in good shape is allowed (up to 5 yrs old regardless of "expiry" date)
  • Removal or disabling of airbag is recommended only and at the discretion of the racer.

Mount a rear light on your winter beater, grab some FR coveralls and your helmet,  put your buddy or teammate in the passenger seat and come racing! 

SS Class Checklist v2.pdf

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