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2007 Civic Si track car

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As depressing as it is selling this car, it’s more depressing having it sit here and not being driven. Not sure when my body will be up to getting back on the track, so here it goes…

Car is an mpi write off and irreparable status, so track only. Interior mostly gutted, still has dash, heater, door glass and panels. Will be sold with stock seats. 

Drivetrain is NOT the same as when I’ve had the car at the track in the past.

Engine: k20 from an 07 CSX, cams and valvetrain from 07 TSX. 

Trans: TSX gearset in civic case, still with the factory LSD

Suspension: Koni yellows with about 1200km on them, springs 500f/530r, adjustable rear upper control arms, camber bolts in front. Spherical front lower control arm bushings. 20mm rear sway bar. 

Abs delete, sunroof delete, TSX front brakes with power stop track day spec pads, 3” exhaust, Injen hot air intake, unknown front strut bar. Maybe more I’m forgetting.

$3500 on rollers, $4000 with the 5zigen wheels. The wheels are straight but some have rash, one is gold, and the tires are worn and old but have another dry lapping day or 2 left. I am kind of partial to these wheels though and wouldn’t mind keeping them. 

Car is super easy and fun to drive, ran in the 1:07’s with the k24 on really old tires and limited driver skill, and mid 1:08’s back at my first time attack when it had a completely stock drivetrain. Would like to see this gone soon before I change my mind and store it away. Dm me if interested. IMG_3282.jpeg.56f34b46589627b90277cc90997348f1.jpegIMG_3278.jpeg.63cdde1d07bf9d7cc1b00934b5f549a7.jpegIMG_3273.jpeg.2370fe5989d3fcb11b39eb1c90546f8c.jpeg71682527594__E84DEA15-30C2-40C6-BE71-6171A9530611.jpeg.53e37565b01ec39af5b24eed0bce18ca.jpeg




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Price drop to 3k on rollers! If you want to get it out on the track this weekend, I’ll even leave the wheels on to burn off what’s left of the tires, as long as I get the wheels back after. I wouldn’t advise running them in the wet however 😉 

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Last price drop $2800 on rollers, or the car can hibernate for winter. Throw some snow tires on it and take it ice racing this winter in the new street safe class! 

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