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2023 Event 5 and Championship Totals


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First of all, my apologies for the delay in getting these scores posted here. They've been on speedhive for a couple days, but I completely forgot to put them here. I appreciate everyone's patience as I learned how to do the Timing and Scoring job. I've taken more detailed notes of each process, so we wont have this delay again.

Speedhive link to WSCC Championship: https://beta.speedhive.com/organizations/82738/championships

Championship point charts per class are attached for your review. The only 'weird' thing is the order in which the events are listed for GT3. If anyone spots an error, please don't hesitate to point it out, loudly. :) 


Cheers, Chris 

2023Championship - GT3.png

2023Championship - GT4.png

2023Championship - IT1.png

2023Championship - IT2.png

2023Championship - Vintage.png

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GT3 is incorrect. Guy (car #7), your points for event 4(August) should be a total of 8, not 28. This difference is due to most of the GT4 class being included in GT3 class competitor total, making it appear that car #7 had 3 in-class competitors, when car #7 was actually alone in GT3. Regardless, Guy Dobson in car #7 has the most points in GT3.



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