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I had another opportunity this weekend to witness some great racing in the Road Race and Time Attack groups. Lots of close door-to-door racing throughout the pack in every race session. I haven’t seen the championship report yet, but can’t wait to see how the Road Race standings turn out.

Meanwhile, on the Time Attack side of the fence, there were some fierce battles being fought in the GT and T classes. Again, can’t wait to see the results.

We had a great weekend turnout of Open Lappers who are quickly developing their skills. You guys really need to consider joining Time Attack next year. Something to think about over the winter.

The fun season is not over yet and we are still hoping to have another HPDE/Track Day event on October 6-8th, weather permitting. We also have a DirtX event quickly approaching on September 23rd, so get yourself registered for that. And if you’re a spectator, come take in the friendly and unique atmosphere of grass-roots racing at its best.

Autocross is also having a great season with some close battles taking place in the various classes, especially Street and Novice. The drops format of the points championship will have a significant impact on the points standings, so be sure to register for the two remaining events on September 17th and 23rd.

Hoping to see you all at our remaining events for the season.

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