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track day driver’s seat

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I have a 2019 Camaro and want to install a weekend race seat for track days. Three questions. 1. With no driver’s seat will any other safety systems such as all other airbags and passenger seatbelt function be disabled or affected? 2. When I reinstall the factory seat for street use, will all of the error codes go away and return all safety systems to normal? 3. When first removing the driver’s seat, is there a possibility of triggering the airbags to deploy? Just trying to sort through the information and misinformation the web has to offer. Thanks

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To your questions: 

1) Do you have an airbag in the driver seat? Many newer cars do, but some have the airbag in the door panel instead. If you have no airbag in the seat, there will be no problem. If you have an airbag in the seat and you disconnect / remove it, in most cases all airbags will be disabled.

2) No. While your system is very likely going to restore its function again, you will definitely have a history code stored in your control module.

3) Any time you remove an airbag module, you need to follow a safety procedure. The airbag deploys when you trigger the side crash sensors. This s not likely to happen if you pay attention, but it could. To prevent accidental triggering of the airbag, the manufacturer requires you to disconnect the battery and wait a pre-described time (often between 15 and 30 minutes). Only then the capacitors in the system will be discharged, and the airbag can't deploy.

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For that vehicle, there is a seat air bag bypass module to can install with your preferred seat choice that will allow you to keep all your safety functions operational.

I suggest using a reputable manufacturer (Sparco, OMP, Corbeau etc) for the seat base that will permit the use of the OEM buckle location.

Use a seat that is side mounted if you ever plan on doing anything other than track days. Buy once, cry once!

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