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2023 Ice Season is over - Thank you volunteers!

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With the conclusion of our 2023 ice racing season I need to pass on a huge thank you to all those within our club that helped make this season a success. As you can see it takes a small army of dedicated volunteers to put on these events and we could not do it without them all.

In no particular order...

Steve Leiding - Assistant Director, logistics manager, race coordinator, corner marshal, pizza delivery, etc....

Tim Gordienko - track designer/construction coordinator

Brad Epp - PR promotion and social media mega manager

Jen Bell - race day clerk of the course

Al Marcoux - race day/drift day assistant coordinator, scrutineer, instructor/coach

Dason Wowk - Chief marshal and start/finish flagger

Wayne, Nicole & Mia Schellekens - Timing/Scoring and tow truck support

Dave Evans - race day broadcaster

Glen Gordon - race day and drift day grid marshal

Bob Wilmont - WCMA Chief Stewarding

Shane Steward - WCMA Stewarding

Henri Marcoux - WCMA Stewarding

Stu Jackson - race day tow truck 

Scott McDonald - tow truck support, corner marshal and much more

Gloria Gordienko - head pit boss 

Brian & Judy Wiebe - corner marshals at EVERY event day

Jay Funke - corner marshal & spectator gate control

Roland Huffgard - spectator gate control

Llew Taylor - corner marshal

Ron Dallmeier - corner marshal

Dane & Isabel Demarco - corner marshal

Apologies if I missed anyone at all. I would also like to give a big shout out of thanks to Larry Blatz for building our Lake Shirley tracks and Travis Toomey for going above and beyond with the track construction and rebuilding at Gimli. As well, big thanks to Andre & Alisa for their track plowing services throughout our season.

Cheers everyone - hope to see you all out again in 2024!



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I would like to extend a huge Thank You to Mike.  He has been the modest lead for what I feel was a great success race season. Personally I don’t think I can thank you enough, you have carried a huge piece of the load that makes this thing we do happen.

Many are not aware of the amount of preparation prior to race weekend, it’s a massive undertaking and begins months ahead.  Every track location is unique, requiring coordination and promotion with multiple organizations, changing with every event.  Responding to countless questions, queries, interviews, challenges and complaints.  Mike has dedicated hundreds of hours to the cause; it has become his new full time job with no pay.

Each event grew from the previous, with much discussion and debate over breakfast meetings.  Perfectly planned but never perfect, try something new, and then have a fantastic group of volunteers to sort the unexpected.  We have a few ideas for next year, with Mike directing, we will continue to grow ice race, bringing more cars, drivers, and race fans for 2024.

Mike has listed a vast number of volunteer workers who help this put together.  We all appreciate the dedication, and professionalism you bring.  I’m sure we’ve overlooked someone… you’re probably the quiet one in the back like me, I’ll buy you a coffee and dock Mike’s pay.

Hope to see you all at the track, summer racing starts soon

Thanks again!


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Thank you Mike for all your efforts and hard work. Racing every 2 weeks this winter is a tight schedule to run but we all worked together to see it through. IceX was a HUGE success this winter too! I’m already looking forward to 2024!

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