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February 2023 Club Meeting Date Cancelled


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Good afternoon everyone. 

We were supposed to be having a Club meeting this evening, but I fell terribly ill while I was away on holidays and was unable to return home on Monday as scheduled. I was stranded in Mexico as a result and only returned last night. 

As a result, I was unable to send out the notice for the meeting to the membership as is our practice and custom, nor was the notice for the meeting posted here on the forums, and as a result, very few members are likely aware that a meeting was even scheduled.

It's now too late to do either. 

In the circumstances, the meeting is being cancelled. The Executive will meet to discuss whether it makes sense to hold a make up meeting in March, or perhaps bring the March meeting ahead by a week to bridge the gap. Whatever the decision, we will be providing further information here on the forums. 

I apologize to everyone for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause. 


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Glad you made it home and hope you are feeling better, Jay.  Being sick on vacation is never good.

I was at a few business conferences in Toronto near the end of January and after the last 3 years, Covid finally caught me.  Then I got shingles at the same time.  

100% do NOT recommend! 


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