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2023 Ice Race Championship Points


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Here is the championship points standing following our first event.

  • Individual points for each daily race will be based on a descending order from the first place of 9,7,5,3,2,1,
  • Classes with less than a full 6-car grid will receive a reduced point plan:  ie. 5-car grid would be pointed 7,5,3,2,1…a 3-car grid would be pointed 3,2,1. 
  • One point shall be awarded to competitors for completing 50% or more of the race. 



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Posted (edited)

Revised Final Championship points - The original post had inadvertently included the Islandic Pursuit results, which does not count towards the championship)

Entrant Car# Points
Lee McRae 9 159
Damon Surzyshyn 55 158
Mike Demchenko 88 109
Dylan Sabatini ® 29 105
Tim Gordienko 79 90
Ryan Lysak ® 05 74
Tyler Funk 21 48
Brandon Rehill 4 40
Manuel Fetzel ® 8 21
Pete Loewen 20 13
Aaron Stumpf ® 38 11
Greg Eastwood 20x 11


Detailed race spreadsheet is attached.

Thanks to all the racers who put on a spectacular show for the volunteers! 

WSCC FireOnIce 2023 Championship final.pdf

Edited by Wayne_S
Removed Islandic Pursuit from championship
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Big thanks to Wayne, Nicole and Mia for all their work timing/scorekeeping all our race events this winter! 

What a season points finish! After 29 hard fought races our top two contenders ended up 1 point apart! 

Congrats to Lee McRae on winning the 2023 Fire on Ice Championship.

Congrats to Damon Surzyshyn making Lee fight to the very last lap.


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