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Honda Civic Ice Racer

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Join the "FIRE-ON-ICE" racing this winter with this prepped, caged, teched and tuned 1995 Honda Civic Ice Racer. A real "warrior" with ice race patina, this Honda has won lots of races so you will be right in there. I can only attend the first event Jan 7-8 so willing to sell the car so the new owner can jump right into the mix. Header, race clutch and flywheel, one season only studded tires with 2 studded spares, spare non-studded rims and tires. Race seat, fire extinguisher, certified belts till Dec 2023. Everything works as it should. Call/text Greg at 204-792-4226 anytime. $2900.00 OBO. Willing to listen to offers, trades, whatever. ( headlight aero kit included)

Get in the action. I have another ice racer ready to join the series later.

ice race 4.jpg

ice racer 1.jpg

ice racer 5.jpg

ice racer 2.jpg

ice racer 3.jpg

ice racer 6.jpg

ice racer 7.jpg

ice racer 8.jpg

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