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2023 Time Attack Classing Info


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This class is intended for those that want to build a “track beast” and challenge the fastest lap record put down at GMP (presently 58.962).

The Performance Index Points (PIP) range is equal to or greater than 130.0 points.

All safety requirements per governing body regulations must be met, otherwise there are no restrictions to modifications. The EXTREME class was formerly known as TA-RAW.

The EXTREME class will also serve as the default class for those participants who have chosen not to class their car through the OTA car classification system.



This class combines the existing OTA sub-classes of Open Mod, Mod 1, Mod 2, and Mod 3 into a single class.

The Performance Index Points (PIP) ranges from 95.0 to 129.9 points.



This class combines the existing OTA sub-classes of SGT1, SGT2, and SGT3 into a single class.

The Performance Index Points (PIP) ranges from 80.0 to 94.9 points.



This class combines the existing OTA sub-classes of GT1, GT2, GT3, and GT4 into a single class.

The Performance Index Points (PIP) ranges from 60.0 to 79.9 points.



This class combines the existing OTA sub-classes of T1, T2, and T3 into a single class.

The Performance Index Points (PIP) ranges from 40.0 to 59.9 points.



This class has been established to encourage participation from recent graduates of the Competition Licensing School. The emphasis is being placed on driver skills improvement. The following guidelines apply:

 A rookie is defined as a participant who has entered 8 or less events. A participant may retain rookie status for no more than two years or until such time they have participated in 8 events, whichever occurs first.

NOTE: Participation in a single event is defined as having completed one or more laps in a single session and is not dependent on having completed all scheduled sessions for that day.

 In order to compete in the Rookie Championship, the participant will be required to class their car in accordance with the Ontario Time Attack (OTA) classification system.
 A PAX factor will be applied to each class/sub-class to neutralize/handicap any performance advantage of a specific car. This will modify the raw lap time with an adjusted lap time that will isolate the driver as the basis on which to judge performance.


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Clarifications on EXTREME class and corrections to ROOKIE class
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Thinking about classing your car for the 2023 Time Attack season? We have good news for those who submitted a classing schedule last year. The 2023 OTA Time Attack Regulations have not changed significantly from 2022. Please refer to the list of revisions on page 4 of the 2023 OTA Regulations.    Microsoft Word - DRAFT - 2023 Time Attack Rules - 0.10 (ontariotimeattack.ca)  

If you are not affected by the changes (and most won’t be) there will be no need to resubmit a classing schedule for 2023.  We will use your 2022 schedule that is on file. However, if you are affected by the recent changes, or have made additional modifications to your car, or are classing your car for the first time, you will need to create a new schedule and forward the PDF form to secretary@wscc.mb.ca.

If you need help classing your car, please post your questions under the separate topic “Classing Help” on this forum.

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We're only 9 days away from our first event of the season with the introduction of our new classing system.

I want to thank those people (all 34 of you) who submitted their classing information (PIP Schedules). It will be a fun year battling in the new classing system and I'm sure it will be successful.  

We encourage everyone to submit a PIP schedule, regardless of how many events you plan to enter. The more cars we have classed, the more fun we'll have! Here's a link to where you can class your car:  http://ccdb.casc.on.ca/

Don't forget to visit related topics in this Forum under "Time Attack Discussion" including the "The Almighty List of Time Attack Links for 2023" and the "Beginner's Guide to Time Attack".

If you're somewhat like me and challenged by using links to find all this helpful information, you can simply forward your questions to "secretary@wscc.mb.ca".  I certainly don't have all the answers, but I know people that do.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,


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Good news!  Looks like we're going to have great weather for Saturday and Sunday Event #3 and #4.

Registration is open (finally) so get signed up and don't forget to class your car if not already done so. Information on how to class your car is contained in this thread. You can send the PDF version of your PIP schedule to secretay@wscc.mb.ca.  Remember, no need to re-submit if you already have a 2022 PIP schedule on file.

See you at the track!

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