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This terrible mechanic needs help (again!)


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Hi all,

Tried to replace a wheel bearing in my garage, got in over my head, now I'm stuck. Looking for help. Advice is welcome, but I'm also willing to pay someone to come assist me in my garage if that's what it takes.

The bearing / hub ass'y was rusted frozen onto the knuckle. I used various pullers to try to pop it free, and while doing so I somehow managed to pop the bearing apart. The outer part of the hub came off, but the part that attaches to the knuckle is still on there, still very stuck. So I'm in a pickle. I can't put it back together to take it to a shop. I can't figure out a way to get the remaining part out. The only remaining bolt holes are tight against the bearing so I can't mount a wheel or rotor or anything on there for leverage. I've hammered away on the thing but it's not budging.

So now what? Does anyone have an air hammer I could borrow? Or should I try to make for a custom bracket for leverage?

Any ideas, short of taking off the whole knuckle and having a shop press it out? I only imagine that taking off the knuckle will come with its own complications (I might break more stuff).




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Well, I was able to get it apart after all. I ended up just pounding and chiseling it out with a 4 lb sledge hammer. What a chore!

New bearing is installed and the car is back on the road. I managed to damage the wheel speed sensor in the process, so that'll be another hit to wallet. :angry:



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