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Race Event #1 June 24-26 2022

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Looks like everyone had a great time at our first event! The Road Race sedans put on a good show with some close battles. Once again, sacrifices were made in the pits to keep other competitors in the race. Besides, what’s a steering knuckle between friends? 

Time Attack looks like they’re carrying on where they left off from last year with some close battles in the points championship. Nice to see Mr. Miata put down a personal best. And what about the 14 upstarts, fresh out of HPDE/Licensing School, showing us a thing or two with some pretty impressive lap times.  Even the “A” group had an interesting showing with father and son chasing each other around the track with only 0.1 seconds separating their best times. 

And then there was Drift!  Wasn’t that something, seeing, hearing, and smelling the destruction of all things rubber?  Actually, steel as well, as I witnessed layers of steel belts being fragged. They certainly put on a show, demonstrating a special set of foot-hand coordinated skills.  Kudos to the organizers for getting this done! 

Can’t wait for our next event … coming soon.



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