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2022 Road Race Schedule


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I've attached our schedule for racing at GMP for this summer.  I apologize for it taking so long.  I heard hotel accommodation was in short supply.  Each weekend will include the Friday track Day of lapping for club members plus Saturday and Sunday racing and Time Attack.  There is some possibility of some drift activity as well.

Scott McDonald, Road Race Director

2022 WSCC Road Race Schedule.docx

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We are still in discussions with the CDC on this issue and will provide an update for the Club at tomorrow's meeting. 

It was also brought to my attention (thank you Roland) that there were some errors in the dates provided by the CDC which were replicated in Scott's original post.

I have attached a corrected schedule below.


2022 WSCC Road Race Schedule - GMP.docx

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clean up some grammar - provide corrected schedule
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