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Attention IceX entries!


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This coming weekend we will be introducing some changes to the structure and rules to IceX that we hope will help improve the experience for everyone. Please feel free to provide input and feedback on how the development of this sport evolves going forward.
  • Car Grouping - instead of just AWD and 2WD groups, we will structure it into 3 key separate groups. Drivers will be allowed to "move up" from the one class to the higher class based on their experience and their pace on track. Our goal is to ensure cars aren't bunching up and running into each on the ice while also not getting excessively held up by slower drivers. Keep in mind that many IceX drivers are more interested in the drifting and sliding fun versus lap time speed. As well, depending on the car counts we may need to add an extra group or remove a group as we want to ensure we do not have too many cars on track at once.
    • Rookie Group - this is for any newcomers with little to no experience. If this is your first time at an ice event you will be placed in this group. No passing will be allowed. Note: on the Fire on Ice Sunday race days we will not be running a rookie group. 
    • Group 1 - this is the intermediate group. Likely most 2WD cars will fall into this group. Passing will be allowed under certain conditions (see below)
    • Group 2 - this is the fastest group. Likely most AWDs cars will fall into this group however some faster 2WD cars may be placed in this group as well. Passing will be allowed under certain conditions (see below)


  • Passing Rules - as noted above, passing will be allowed for the "non-rookie" groups. Passing will only be allowed at a designated area of the track depending on the track design (at Lake Shirley it will be at the exit of the hairpin leading onto the back straightaway). If it appears that a car is holding up another behind them they will be shown a blue flag at the marshal station leading into the hairpin. This will signal the lead car to keep right while slowly exiting the hairpin and expect the following car to safely pass on the inside. If any driver attempts a pass without following these rules or does so unsafely (at the discretion of the corner marshals) they will be shown a black flag and must immediately pull into the pits for a discussion with the race stewards. No exceptions.


  • Flags - all drivers must have a solid understanding of all the flags utilized by the corner marshals during an event. Failure to do so will result in a driver being disqualified from the event. Attached is a simple 1 page reference document of the flag definitions along with a more detailed description of the use of flags during racing events. We encourage everyone to download and print off the single pager for reference at the track.


  • Car numbers - please ensure your car is clearly identified with your car number. Simple masking tape or duct tape on your rear passenger window or front doors is perfectly acceptable...just make nice big numbers. Automotive glass paint pens also works well however may be hard to apply if the glass is frozen.
Hope to see everyone out on the ice!
Mike Demchenko
WSCC Ice Race Director 

Flag Definitions.pdf Flagging Procedure.pdf

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