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Here is your Christmas present!


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Merry Christmas to every WSCC member, whether they are AutoCrossers,Road Racers, Hotlappers, DirtXers or Time Attackers!

For all drivers that fall into the latter category, OTA has a Christmas present for you: the PIP classification has changed!


I felt that it is necessary to point that out to you. Traditionally, during ths time of the year we find a bit of downtime from our everyday life, and our minds are starting to wander in anticipation of the new season. Maybe, just maybe, we are even considering a gift for ourselves... sticky tires, wider wheels, better brake pads...heck, somebody mentioned a supercharger to me today!

What you need to know, though, is that there are quite a few changes in the car classification list. Although I am not certain that some cars have moved into a different class in the base list, I definitely have noticed quite a few changes in the amount of PIPs allocated for various modifications. In plain old English: your car may already be in a different class next year, even though you haven't changed anything at all! 

So it is best to re-classify your car right now to see into what class it fits right now under the new regulations, before you make plans to modify and potentially move yourself into a class you never wanted to be in.


This also serves as the first reminder: Do not assume that you will be starting in the same class as last year. When scrutinizing the new PIP schedule, I realize that quite a few of you have probably been moved to the next-higher class. We will definitely request a new PIP schedule from you before the upcoming season, as the old one will likely be wrong now.


So, how is that for a lump of coal? Merry Christmas!:)


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It seems that I was reacting a bit too fast in telling you to already re-classify your cars...it appears OTA is not finished adjusting the baselist and the PIP schedule yet.

So there is no sense to jump into reclassifying now, as it may change in the next few weeks again. Unfortunately, that may hold you back until early March if you intend to max out your car within a desired class...

We will announce when OTA has concluded their revisions. Until then you may have to hang in tight...

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