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2021 3

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Its been a while since we've brought you an Aficionado!

Finally here is the 2021 Season Wrap-Up issue. Thank you to everyone who contributed - we couldn't do it without your help!

If you want a printed copy - Come to the WSCC Awards Banquet on November 20th.


PS its best viewed in two-page mode. (VIEW, PAGE DISPLAY)


WSCC Aficionado 2021-3.pdf

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Wow! I couldn't wait...as soon as I noticed your announcement, I had to read the electronic version of the new Aficionado. You two keep raising the bar regarding layout and quality of this magazine, and the photos are just amazing! Thank you for some great entertainment on a Tuesday evening!

Btw., more and more people at work are asking when "your next magazine" is coming out! Yes, they start calling it a magazine, because it is so much more than a brochure! I will definitely need to take half a dozen printed copies to distribute...


And...there are quite a few people at my club in Germany, Rallye TeamSommerkahl, who just inhale every Aficionado I electronically send to them. You guys truly publish an internationally read magazine!

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So I finally got around to visiting my friends at the Hyundai dealership the other day, and I took them a copy of the latest issue. They were pretty surprised to see such a nice magazine from the club, and then they were really excited when they saw one of their cars on the cover and inside. 

It was really cool to see how they all reacted to it at the Sales Desk, and I'm glad I was able to get that into their hands.

Mia and Brad, thanks again for putting in so much work on this, it is really awesome!



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