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attachment.php?attachmentid=98756&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=98756&stc=1I started this project but I am unfortunately not going to finish it. Another project came up, stall mate of my car so going to start that one so I will have two of the exact same and no room for three cars.
Its an 84 Reynard with most pieces but a motor and transmission. Frame has been check blasted and freshly powered coated. missing pieces found. Masters and calipers have new kits in them. Have one new windscreen plus mold to make more. Have nose mold. Two rear lower body pieces, need some love, missing only one flat front side panel. Complete bodywork but has needs some repairs here and there. Factory rear wing with spare side panels, fiberglass seat. All four corners have new wheel bearings, will be finishing hubs this week. 1 set of Kodiak billet aluminum light weight wheels. 
Asking $6000 Canadian (appox. $4700 us).

84 Rey 1.jpg

84 rey 4.jpg

84 Rey 3.jpg

84 rey 2.jpg

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There is no motor or transmission at this time. Have a wire harness but you are better to build a new one depending on engine that gets installed. There are gauges but no tach. There is the seat. The fuel cell is garbage, I tested it and there is a leak, very old, safety wise, better to replace. I was pricing them and found them for $300-400us for an aluminum tank. Body work needs to be repaired but is there. Have moulds for nose and rear clam shells plus 2 shells. Recommend aluminum rear sides as they shells add a lot of weight and the benefits of aero does not out weigh the weight. The car can be completed as FF1600 or 2.0l. I currently have a Elite 2.0l engine that I could sell but not listing it yet. May need for the Bowman. You can call me on my cell at 306-591-7038 for any more info. Would like to see the car stay in the region, however I have the second Bowman now and my garage is over full. Need to move quickly. More on motor in the couple of days. Both Wayne and I have found transmissions for a reasonal amount. By my estimate, 12-13,000 investment you will have a very nice car, safe and ready to go. You won't find a much better deal than this as most of the cars in FC need all the work that is being done at the moment. Newer FC cars in the 12-14us range will cost you double that to get and redo as in this range, they need tons of work. I have been looking hard for a while. You just need to be ready to spend some time to finish this one.   

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