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Convertible & helmet height / Helmet type

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I tried searching, but I didn't see it, so pls excuse my ignorance if I missed something.

I get my MX-5 in the next month, and I hope to AutoX it and do some lapping days (like my STI).  I assume my helmet has to pass the broom handle test?  So long as it is level with the broom handle or lower I am good???

Also, with a convertible, can I have an open face helmet?

Thanks guys

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My answers apply to autox only.

There is no broom handle test required.

Open face is allowed. But, I would suggest a closed face. I've had things hit my visor/helmet even with a roof over my head.

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Might be best to ask in the Hot Laps/Time Attack section of the forums but I did check the registration page and this is what it says:

  • Any four-wheeled vehicle is permitted however it must be dimensionally wider than it is tall.
    • Convertibles are permitted providing they have an OEM Hard-Top or OEM/Aftermarket installed roll protection.
    • All convertibles must contact the registrar to ensure their vehicle is permitted!
  • All entrants must have completed annual tech form for the vehicle that is registered. You will not be permitted on the road course without it.
    • All vehicles with roll cages, must complete the race-tech form and present the car and the form to the tech inspector or chief scrutineer. Vehicles with roll bars or roll cages are subject to inspection from the chief scrutineer. Upon checking in, inform the registrar that you have registered with a vehicle with a roll cage. 
    • SNELL SA helmet use is mandatory for vehicles with factory or aftermarket roll protection.

So it sounds like you'll need a roll bar or hard top to be able to lap. I assume if your helmet is lower than the roll bar or doesn't contact the hard top then you should be okay but this may be up to the organizers/chief scrutineer. 


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On 6/4/2021 at 9:48 AM, LittleBlueGT said:

I get my MX-5 in the next month,

I am assuming that this is a brand new one?

If so, they have roll hoops behind the headrests. This is considered OEM roll protection. Same as S2000 and Many others.

This should be sufficient as the rules are written today, to be accepted into a open track day.

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14 hours ago, LittleBlueGT said:

Yes, it is a 2021.

Can I have an open face helmet in a convertible, or a partial open face helmet?



SA helmets are required due to the roll protection.

Style doesn't matter, its personal preference, however I do not recomend an open face helmet for same reasons already stated above.

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