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HPDE/ Licensing School finished....

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I am sitting here, processing the past weekend in my head. My involvement into this event started when Scott asked me whether I would take the position of HPDE Director, as help was needed. Accepting it, I had no clue what was awaiting me...

I was paired with two masters in their field, and my position was almost that of a puppet - and I say this in the most complimenting sense. Darin and Jordan know what they are doing, and I was priviledged to experience how much planning, work and effort goes into making this event happen...especially during CoVid19! And there were so many more people involved!

Our Instructors did a great job adapting to the new lead-follow concept, and as the direct and immediate contact to the students they did an outstanding job not just teaching, but also representing our club.

However, I have been in the military long enough to know that a General and his Comissioned Officers will never win a battle unless the rest of the battalion wants to win. It takes many more people to do the dirty work than it takes to annouce the win!

I therefore want to say a cordial  "Thank You" to all the people who might have not gotten as much glory as they diserve... the people who did all the car wrangling to ensure the instructors had their own group bunched up together every time... the corner workers, who are always taken as a given, no matter how cold the wind, always cheering for our students... the Sarahs, who patiently work the gate first thing in the morning, yet never get acknowledged for the hours they spend at their post...the Mias, who single-handedly take over the lunch arrangements, and whose decisions are not challenged because they just make sense...the Brads who just miracously show up wherever work needs to be done...the Llews and Brians who always are reliable there at their post..the Jens who always have everything under control, yet most participants never know who they are... the Olgas driving 700km in one day just to be there to help....the Als hanging around to let the tent company in on Monday...  I can keep going, but you know who you are! Names don't mean anything, the commitment is what counts!


Today in the late afternoon, after every participant had left, I noticed that air traffic seemed to have slowed down. I suddenly realized how special GMP is, being able to see a Honda Fit doing its best to impress, while 600hp cars are hurtling down the main straight and water bombers are taking off, and the occational helicopter or Private Air Plane is landing.

Later on, when all students had left, Jay hopped into the back of my truck, and we collected the pylons that were left on the track. And he mentioned how great of a club this is, having so many great people in it.

He is right...Thank you to all of you!



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It was great to watch the progression of the drivers over the two days and see how much fun everyone was having. It was a great group, and special credit must go to the instructors, organizers and helpers who all contributed to a fun and safe event. When passing was allowed on Sunday afternoon, every single pass on the back straight was accomplished cleanly and safely. Every driver given a blue flag responded exactly as taught. Compliments to everyone from the corner marshals!

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Thanks to everyone for making this past weekend a reality.  Awesome job keeping everyone safe both on and off the track.

Hope we can continue to adapt to meet the challenges as they come.

Really another blast that we won't soon forget.

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Posted (edited)

Great summary Roland. I couldn't agree more. 

But a special thanks to you and Darin and Jordan. As always, this event is the highlight of our year. It is the single most important event for our Club in terms of outreach and engaging new members, new entrants, and hopefully new racers as well. It showcases the best our club has to offer, from the professionalism of our organizers, marshals and event staff, to the caliber of our curriculum and instructors, and ultimately, the quality of our overall competition programs. 

All of that is delivered in a way that makes it all look so smooth and effortless - which is a testament to the many long hours of preparation and planning that you gentlemen put into this event - every year - and the incredible efforts of our long serving and unbelievably loyal army of volunteers, many of whom you named above. 

I am always proud of this Club and the things we can accomplish together, but never more so than at the end of the HPDE weekend. 

Well done everyone. Thank you all for your contributions to another successful event, and the start to a great season at GMP. 

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I had a blast volunteering this year and meeting all the new faces. The wide array of driving experience and caliber of cars makes this event unique. I love the enthusiasm from all of the volunteers always cheering on the new drivers and letting them know they are doing great!

It was a pleasure chatting with all the drivers, reassuring them of their capabilities and getting them excited for race weekends! I really hope to see some new drivers out enjoying themselves and their cars at Gimli this year.

Great event everyone! Looking forward to some racing!.. If we are allowed.

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