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Machine Shop Recommendations?

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Looking for some recommendations for a machine shop to modify a couple transmission parts. 

Need a race’s inner diameter expanded slightly, and a bolt hole added to the gear selector, to match the other ones I have.


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I have done a similar modification 30 years ago. If you need the OD of the bearing larger. And a bearing didn't exist. I had a sleeve machined that was pressed onto the outside of the smaller bearing. In my case it was a roller bearing. In your case it looks like a sleeve bearing. So you would also have to make matching lubrication holes in the sleeve to match the bearing.

   I had it done at Canada Auto. This really isn't that high tech. Drilling the matching hole on the shaft shouldn't be tough either.

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Thanks for the recommendations! Wallin is able to do the work. 

I’m trying to swap the extension housing from my broken mk4 w58, onto a mk2 w58. So I can use it in a mk4 supra. The mk4 roller bearing sleeve is slightly too small for the mk2 roller bearing, and it’s very difficult to remove the bearing. So this is the easier option. 

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