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Speed Factor - wheel alignment

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Went to speed factor today to get an alignment done on my race car.

The work was done by Jamison, he was very knowledgeable and good guy.

He did a great job and I highly recommend others bring their cars to them for setup and fine tuning.

We need some SpeedFactor decals for our cars.

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When I first got my car and had my coil-overs replaced, they did the installation and alignment. They did a great job then. I've got tires, bushings, coil over adjustments (raising the car to factory spec) and alignment scheduled for mid-April with them too.

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SpeedFactor have been doing all my work for years. They’re fantastic and incredibly accommodating. Top notch work and their knowledge of and support for both tuned road and racing cars in particular is so difficult to find in commercial shops. 

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Just got mine done there yesterday.

If Speed Factor is ok with it, can we drop off some of our current/past issues of the WSCC Aficionado for their waiting room?

I wish it wasn't pandemic times, otherwise I'd also suggest a poster with upcoming track days.

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