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Husky 94 ---> No more

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I had a friend contact me over the weekend in a panic saying that Husky stations had replaced 92 and 94 octane gas with 89 and 91. He talked to someone inside the store and they confirmed the change across all stations.

I drove by my station on Waverley today and I can confirm, Husky 92 and 94 gas pumps plastered over with 89 and 91 stickers.



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Funny, they are still advertising up 94 octane ...  https://www.myhusky.ca/products-and-services/fuel


A selection of octane levels to suit your needs

Octane 87. Regular with ethanol (available in all provinces)

Octane 87.  Regular with no ethanol (Calgary area)

Octane 89. Mid-grade (regular blended with premium, available in all provinces excluding SK, may contain ethanol in some areas)

Octane 91. Premium - no ethanol (available in all provinces excluding SK)

Octane 92. Premium with ethanol (SK & MB)

Octane 94. Premium Plus with ethanol, the highest octane fuel available (AB, SK & MB)


But then again there is no date stamp on this page.


Ticket sent to Husky for confirmation.

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There is a very good boost product called "Boostane" that will raise your octane . It is used by Drag guys and street muscle car guys. You need to add only 4 1/5 oz to 65l to raise from 91 to 94. The trick is you need the Professional version and not the premium to do this. I know it is available in Regina for about $400  for 5 gallons. You guys can do the math. VP additive and Torco are garbage. Tested them before myself, you need a lot of this to get the level up even one to two points. A whole can for 25l so the cost to go up 3-4 points will be about $100. Not worth it. There is my 5 cents worth for anyone who cares.

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^^ @kmiller is correct. In addition, I can add from my own research that adding minimum 20% straight toluene will allow 20 Lbs boost or 12:1 static comp is ok. I have added up to 40 % toluene with 13:1 static comp and 25lbs boost, but anything over 30% was negligible. note that I started  with regular gas, 87 octane. Toluene is available over the counter from any paint supply shop in 5 gal containers. 
every octane “booster” has a high percentage of toluene and/or benzene, then Alky and other fillers. But toluene is the aromatic hydrocarbon that makes it happen, benzene had been blacklisted as a carcinogen in specific quantities a few years ago. Note that in the 80’s during the “turbo era” in F1, the fuel of choice was 97-98% toluene and 2-3% methanol to stabilize.  

also note that bore size has a direct effect on octane requirement, much like normally aspirated vs forced induction. With a larger bore, the flame front must travel further, therefore selecting fuel based on burn rate or flame speed becomes a consideration. Using pure Toluene has been a simple compromise with regards to octane requirements and induction style; high boost (requires slower burn rate) and high comp, natural aspiration (requires faster burn rate). 

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Another tidbit to consider: Many racing categories forbid an increase of octane. Sometimes it is spelled out exactly like that, sometimes it is worded as "must use publicly available fuel". Often it is worded as "octane boosters are not allowed".

Mixing your own fuel is technically not using an octane booster, But all protests that I have ever seen against someone trying to utilize this loophole in technicality have been judged in favour of the protester, since the actions of the offender clearly tried to establish an advantage that the rules did not want the offender to have.


On a side note: Like Matt approached in his post, high octane means the fuel does not want to burn as esy as lower octane fuel. High Octane fuel should only be necessary if your engine is pinging. Unless your engine was designed to an extreme, such as some BMW, AMG , Audi and Porsche engines in European cars (nope, not North-American versions, they don't run on the same tune), you really don't gain anything by just running higher octane. We proved many people wrong via dyno who believed that they gained something by running 98 or even 105 Octane....if your car is not build to need it, you are wasting your money. Like Keith said: it's not worth it.

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I called Husky headquarters, and she called back and was very sympathetic to my concern.

(403)298-6111 was the number.

the number she called back on was (800)661-3835. If enough of us call, and boycott, maybe they will notice?

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I also tried calling Esso but really didn't get anywhere (got bounced around). They have a higher Octane product in other provinces and I figured some other oil company would fill the void Husky leaves. 

It's not a huge market but for those of us with vehicles for 93 Octane tunes this isn't great news.


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