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2021 pax changes

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Hey all,

Hope everyone has been busy in the garage this winter staying happy, healthy, and warm!
Don't let all the white stuff on the ground fool you. We are not too far away from having it melt and the 2021 time attack season starting!
We have decided to make some much needed changes to our Pax classing index.
Looking over the data from the past couple of years our pax index (That we use from Ontario time attack) has heavily favoured high HP cars. While this index may work for Ontario i think its obvious to see we are not having the same success. Lowered PAX cars are at a huge disadvantage and are simply unable to compete with higher tier cars. I believe this is due to the 2 massive straight-aways gimli has. The low HP cars just lose too much time down them.
As such, The pax index has been updated to the following:
Old PAX index   New Pax index
Open Mod 1.062   Open Mod 1.062
Mod 1 1.052   Mod 1 1.052
Mod 2 1.012   Mod 2 1.012
Mod 3 1   Mod 3 1
SGT1 0.988   SGT1 0.98
SGT2 0.976   SGT2 0.962
SGT3 0.964   SGT3 0.943
GT1 0.952   GT1 0.926
GT2 0.94   GT2 0.91
GT3 0.928   GT3 0.894
GT4 0.916   GT4 0.878
T1 0.904   T1 0.862
T2 0.892   T2 0.846
T3 0.88   T3 0.83
As you can see the change is minimal to none for the higher tier cars but lowered tier cars are given a much needed boost in order to compete.
I've ran a couple of pretend events using some of our top drivers in assorted classes ranging from T3 all the way up to Mod 1 and I can say without a doubt that this will definitely close the massive gap.
The original point of the pax index was to provide a fair and neutral playing ground where cars of all different classes can compete against each other fairly. We believe this new index classing will finally prove that statement true the WSCC time attack championship.
As we believe this is a needed change to our championship this will not be voted upon. We are however open to any feedback or other changes you have to provide a more fair and equal playing ground.
As always, If you have any other changes you would like to propose , please reach out to Brooke or I.
See you all in a couple of months!
Ian & Brooke ( & baby soon!) 
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fixed t3 pax
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