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FIA Honour Volunteers - spotlight those who make motor sport possible


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Marshals, officials, and medical staff were honored this weekend by the FIA, celebrating "Volunteers Weekend"


The FIA know and we all know that we couldn't go racing without all the volunteers!

Thank you!


PS The volunteers, medical staff, marshals, and official were amazing today when Grosjean's F1 car exploded in Bahrain! He can thank all of them (and the car designers) that he walked away with minor injures!

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It was a very appropriate celebration . . . and the volunteers @ Bahrain pulled through with prompt action with the Grosjean accident and fire. The safety work and regulations put in place by F1 and the FIA are to be credited BIG TIME for saving Grosjean's life. Prompt action, the Halo device, and the drivers survival cell all came together for him to survive and suffer only minor injuries. The fact that he stayed conscious is the reason he was able to extricate himself from the cockpit in a timely fashion.

An update from Grosjean on Sunday night has him in good spirits, minor burns on the back of his hands and an ankle. No fractures.

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