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ICE RACE 2021 Announcement – New Ice Race Director


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Hello all Ice Race Fans

Today is epic and it is because we have a very young handsome new Ice Race Director that is primed and ready to take over; I would like to ask all of you to stand and remove your hats and help me welcome in the new Ice Race Director for 2021:

Mike Demchenko

I am very happy to have Mike stepping up as the official guy in the role PLUS he’s a racer which will benefit the other racers immensely. I wish I was handing him a fleet of 30 cars to take care of although he does have some good ideas and some good energy. Please welcome him to the role and help him out as much as you can.

Sideline story on Mike; I think it was about 10 years ago, Mike was an avid road racer, and we were at an awards banquet at “The Bank” downtown Winnipeg and we were having a smoke outside. Mike was asking about Ice Racing and I said “My dad’s Swift is for sale” and he asked “how much” and he even did that in front of his wife, and I said “I dunno, about $700?” and his eyebrow raised. And then he was sucked in, we’ve all been there. Normally we don’t ask questions like that in front of the wives, sucker.

Before I sign off, I want say a few thanks you's to a couple of people although there are many that make this work:

  • Steve L; you’re awesome at doing the boring stuff that keeps our racing going. Appreciate that.
  • Al Martoot; thanks  for doing the tech stuff, helping newbies and helping with the schools .
  • Tim and Gloria; you guys are great, whatever I can do to help you out to keep racing, let me know.
  • All the workers that make these races happen in our POS tin can, we can’t thank you enough.
  • Want to give a big thanks to MMhuaaaattt L for organizing the schools, track days, social media crap, private days, etc. Couldn’t have done a decent Income Statement without that.

Of course I’m missing people, if you weren’t on the list I apologize.

Please welcome Mike Demchenko as your new IRD!!!! 

Congrats Mike!

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Thanks for the kind well wishes Jordan. It is fair to say you are responsible for me getting into the wonderful world of ice racing - your offer to sell me “old swifty” for such a ridiculous (alcohol induced) price that night was something I couldn’t pass up! Lol. 
The time, dedication and hard work you put into coordinating ice racing over the years cannot be understated and is much appreciated. 




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